What is Matzo?


SKS Rabbi David Moskowitz oversees Matzo production for his community.

What Is Matzo And What Are The Symbolisms And Meanings Of Matzo? Matzo means "unleavened bread" in Hebrew. Matzo is both the symbol of affliction and slavery, the unleavened bread which the Hebrews ate as slaves in Egypt, and matzo is also a symbol of physical and political freedom which the Hebrews attained after leaving Egypt. Its place in the story of Passover or Pesach also makes it symbolize the transition from the bitterness of slavery in Egypt to the sweetness of physical and political freedom after leaving Egypt. Matzo also symbolizes the nearness of G-d to the Hebrews, for as the Hebrews were preparing to leave Egypt and only had time to bake unleavened bread, G-d was near to them, ready to guide them in the form of a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Finally, the simple ingredients of matzo - water and flour - as well as the flatness of the unleavened bread as opposed to the puffiness of leavened bread, symbolizes "poor man's bread" as well as "humility" and "humbleness", as opposed to the puffiness of one's ego that characterizes a wealthy person as symbolized by leavened bread.



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