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Passover Preparations


"Passover"is a Jewish festival, from "The Bible • Exodus. " Legend, the Jews living in ancient Egypt during the cruel persecution of Pharaoh was. God commanded Moses to the Jews out of Egypt, but Pharaoh allowed the Jews to leave Egypt. For this reason, God decided to punish and kill the eldest son of Egyptian families and first-born of all animals. To avoid accidental injury Jews, God commanded Moses to all the Jews, painted in the blood of their own door, to see the blood of God when they "go beyond gone. " Pharaoh forced the power of God, the Jews had agreed to leave Egypt. Thank God for his kindness to the Jews to the Jewish calendar every year on 14 Nisan seven days from the date as "Passover. "

During Passover, Jews eat only unleavened foods. Unleavened bread is a food festival representatives. Below SKS Rabbi David Moskowitz for his community make unleavened bread. Unleavened bread baked burning need a special stone.